From the Principal Desk


Dr. Sushil Kumar


Get educated, and stand up for the truth.

The basic aim of education is to produce cultured human beings and capable citizens. Scholars and thinkers have said many more important things about the goal of education. These include building intellectual understanding, enhancing technical skills, and creating a generation capable of decision-making. Governments, the private sector, and autonomous organisations run in collaboration with the government have played a significant role in making education accessible to all sections of society. Despite this, there were many parts of the country where the light of knowledge took a long time to reach.
Landhora and its adjoining areas are the most backward and underdeveloped areas of Haridwar district. A decade ago, there were few facilities available for higher education. Keeping this problem in mind, the Chamanlal Educational Trust established Chaman Lal Mahavidhyalaya in the year 2013. Through this institution, the goal of creating such a generation was put forward which is economically, socially, and culturally capable and, at the same time, properly understands its responsibilities towards the country and society. In the course of almost a decade, the management committee, teachers, and staff of the college have made continuous efforts to achieve their objective with the cooperation of the local society.
Approximately 2500 students are currently enrolled in the college's undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the Faculty of Arts, Science, and Commerce. Degrees like BLib, MLib, MA-Yoga, PGD-Yoga, MA-Journalism, and BSc-Home Science are being offered from the point of employment. The work of educating the new generation is going on at a constant pace through qualified teachers, a rich library, and well-equipped laboratories. Now its results are also coming out. In the last two years, many students have cleared the UGC-NET exam. Some have got admission in NITs and IITs for post-graduate and research degrees.
NSS, NCC, Rovers-Rangers and sports-related facilities are being provided for the holistic development of the new generation. Occasions are also being dressed up through educational visits and training of students at various levels. Teachers are also involved in fulfilling the objectives of higher education through their research work, seminars, projects, conferences, etc. Despite all this, the college can achieve its set goals only when the new generation is aware and dedicated. The task remains challenging as most of the students are the first generation to pursue higher education in their families. So the pace of results is slow, but there is no doubt that in the future, the pace will be faster and the results will be more pleasant.
Both the vision and methodology of the college management committee regarding the operation of the institution are completely clear. Under the guidance of the Management Committee, the institution has developed progressively, and it is expected that in the next few years, Chamanlal Mahavidhyalaya will become the best college not only in the state but also in North India. It is very clear to the teacher community of the college that the future of a country which does not educate its new generation is always doubtful. The college's contribution to the process of nation and society building may be subtle, but the enthusiasm and expectations are enormous.
Let us move forward together on this journey and remember Dr. Ambedkar's statement that education is the milk of a lioness; whoever drinks it will surely roar.
Be educated, stay organized, and always stand on the side of truth.