1. QUALITY EDUCATION: The main aim of Chaman Lal Mahavidhyalaya is to provide quality education that enhances overall personality of the student and leads to acquision of knowledge along with inculcation of skills necessary to achieve information literacy, career advancement, personal enrichment, leadership and service to mankind as well.
  2. OVERALL EXCELLENCE: We believe to prepare our students to excel in all fields and prepare them for real world experience with great courage and confidence.
  3. PSYCHOLOGY - BASED EDUCATION: We believe to proceed from abstract to concrete and less to more concept of education in order to give them the best.
  4. INTEGRITY: We are committed to inculcate the ethical behavior along with sense of responsibility in our students from the time they step-up in the college.
  5. ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND VALUE-BASED EDUCATION: Creativity and innovative approach is highly encouraged in CLM in order to achieve personal and professional success.
  6. DIVERSITY: Our college believe that our similarities and differences are opportunities for establishing a common bond and strengthening the college.