DELNET: The Chaman Lal Mahavidyalaya Landhaura has been admitted as an institutional member of DELNET for purpose of E-journal, E-books, online articles, E-Theses, and rare books.

Web Address: http://www.delnet.in

With Chaman Lal Mahavidyalaya IP we can Click the New Discovery Portal and the database will open automatically without any user password.

For remote access (we can use it worldwide) you are requested to use the ID and Password: that’s available at the end of library for library users.

If you have any queries regarding the technical issue please contact the following e-mail ID; raj22.v@gmail.com

Access Millions of Networked Library Resources through DELNET

3,50,00,000+ Books available for loan

1,00,000+ list of Journals

5,000+ Full-text E-journals

1,00,000+ Thesis/Dissertations


  • Strengths of the library


  • Library is established with in the Department/Faculty/College premises, which help it to function without any hindrance.
  • The Library is automatic; therefore, it is fulfilling the demands of present era.
  • There is open access system in the library
  • There is rich collection of e-resources
  • E-library with good connectivity of internet through local area network with 10 nodes


Dr. Rajeev Vashistha


Learning Resource Center, CLM

Contact: +91-9413146103

E-mail: raj22.v@gmail.com