Mission And Vision


 TAMSO MA JYOTIRGAMAYH (अंधकार से प्रकाश की ओर) i.e. from Ignorance to Knowledge, True to the motto, our educational endeavor has been to inculcate the spirit of service alongwith professional growth of students. Educationists have visualized education as contributing towards building a society that is characterized by honest, vigilant and responsible citizens.  In keeping with this belief, CLM is deeply committed to the goal of creating an educational ethos that fosters the growth of educated, vigilant and socially responsible citizens. Each employee of CLM works tirelessly for creating an environment for all round development of their mental, physical, aesthetic, social and spiritual potentials and generating attitude of integrity, honesty and tolerance so, they give off their very best.

CLM believes that real education is a torch which illuminates the whole world. And in this highly competitive world, CLM’s stated mission is :

  • To transform the students to be responsible, dedicated & knowledgeable persons.

  • Promote advancement of knowledge through teaching, learning and research.

  • To inculcate sense of responsibility, character building, spirit of co-operation and empowerment of women for self-esteem, thought building of equality and strength.

  • To impart quality education to help students in developing proficiency and abilities which will further inculcate self-confidence, decision making power & leadership qualities in them.

  • Producing not only good professionals but also good citizens of great country.