The purpose of sports activities is to create an environment that stimulates the experiences of the selected movement resulting in undesirable reactions that contribute to the optimal development of the individual's power at all stages of life. In this direction, to organize and conduct various activities, the Sports Committee has been formed with the following objectives:

  • To help students for achieving a health-enhancing life of physical activity.
  • To provide safe physical environment to students.
  • To provide students with a variety of activities that will enhance life - long learning and participation.
  • To develop superior individual / team skills and prowess.
  • To promote physical excellence.

Games and Sports Committee has been formed at the college level comprising the following faculty members

S.No. Name Depart./Desig. Role Contact #
1. Mr. Vipul Singh Physics/ Asst. Prof. Incharge 9997402701
2. Dr. Deepa Agarwal Physics/ Asst. Prof. Member 9758243800
3. Dr. Neeshu Kumar Pol. Sci./ Asst. Prof. Member 8126501692
4. Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Pol. Sci./ Asst. Prof. Member 9758085375
5. Mr. Ashutosh Sharma Hindi/ Asst. Prof. Member 9710247787
6. Mrs. Anamika Chauhan Home Sci./ Asst. Prof. Member 9759676252

  • To encourage the students to actively participate in various sports and games
    • competitions conducted by university.
  • To organize college level sports and games competitions both for students and staff as
    • part of the college annual day celebrations.

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