Principal is the final authority to implement all rules and regulation as laid down & every student is expected to follow them as per the principal’s directives.

  1. The institution has a disciplinary committee.
  2. Every student shall be liable to follow the rules laid down by disciplinary committee.
  3. Every student has to fulfill the minimum requirement of attendance i.e., 75% in both theory & practices as specified by the affiliating university, i.e., Sri Dev Suman University, Tehri.
  4. No students will absent him or her from any lecture without prior notice.
  5. Wearing of proper uniform is must.
  6. Students are required to bring their identity card (issued by the college) every time they enter in the Mahavidhyalaya.
  7. Any students caught in act of baiting will be immediately rusticated from the institute and matter will be reported to the police for legal action as per the law of the land.