Faculty of Science
1.   Department of Physics
2.   Department of Chemistry
3.   Dapartment of Maths
4.   Department of Botany
5.   Department of Zoology
6.   Department of Microbiology
7.   Department of Computer Science
8.   Department of Geology
9.   Department of Home Science
Faculty of Arts
1.   Department of Hindi
2.   Department of English
3.   Dapartment of Sanskrit
4.   Department of History
5.   Department of Drawing and Painting
6.   Department of Economics
7.   Department of Geography
8.   Department of Home Science
9.   Department of Political Science
10.   Department of Sociology
Faculty of Commerce
1.   Department of Commerce
Faculty of Library Science
1.   Department of Library Science
Faculty of Yoga
1.   Department of Yoga
Faculty of Journalism
1.   Department of Journalism